Content Hub
Image of the eyes from a young girl. Looking at the future.

Taking Care is an initiative by 14 different museums that is led by the Weltmuseum Wien. They asked for our help to create a platform to publish and exchange insights about potential implications of global warming on their collections.

The documents that would be published on the platform are of scientific nature and they would usually come in the form of plain texts. The challenge was to create a visually appealing and interesting user experience that would excite readers without the need for any additional imagery. 

Screenshot from the Taking Care homepage design with interactive and joyful elements for users to discover. For example, the user's mouse movement creates a wind that lets some flowers dance around the site or the movement is followed by the gazes of an illustrated eye.
Image of factories and smoke communicating the potential implications of climate crisis
European union logo animated
Taking Care screenshot from mobile navigation open
Screenshot from the Taking Care article view design
Logging screen for content hub from the taking care project by the Weltmuseum.
Users movement is followed by the gazes of an illustrated eye.